Our bus trip to Oaxaca turned out to be a real experience for its own and began around midnight somewhere in the desert. I definitely will not forget this nightly journey which had been engraved in my brain forever. Before we finally got to Oaxaca, I ‘ll share a thorough description of the excursion.

Upon starting off at a sleazy bus station we couldn’t help catching a bite from the region being surrounded by the sellers. This time we went as a refresher for the approaching terror excursion for a cup of strawberry juice as being clearly anticipated by me and my buddy Duncan.

Our state of health shifted tremendously while we crossed the mountainous areas, where gun fire that was chosen was uncommon to find and to anticipate on our way.

This was in fact a rough position we were involved in; both of us needed to get a biological relief and moreover me Duncan additionally suffered from such cramps. I couldn’t tolerate anymore this desperate battle with our physical state; somehow I needed to make a decision promptly.

The motorist needed to be convinced to cease at once; so, I targeted him whilst fighting my way through all passengers on the aisle by excusing myself over and over for this hassle that is unintentional.
Finally, I think most travelers appeared to be elated about this sudden stopover. There was no doubt that these hours were humiliating and quite intimidating for both of us.

Happy concerning the relief of pain we arrived in Oaxaca longing for some rest and being totally shattered. The sun was rising and we were just in time to dive into the opening ceremony of the neighborhood Mercado that was described as the most well-known and largest one in Middle America.