Enpire Bt Dfender marker

Empire bt dfender is a type of marker used in Paintball. Its design allows the loading of paintballs from the marker’s stock and to its firing chamber. The masterpiece is made up of strong and light magnesium shells that make it less bulky.

Features Of Empire Bt dfender

The marker is light. The light magnesium shell that make up the marker contribute to the relatively low weight of the marker. The low weight of empire bt dfender helps in the reduction of your silhouette and thus elimination of hopper hits.

The marker constitutes of an integrated loader that largely contributes to its high performance.

Empire bt dfender has a five firing mode selector switch. The modes are select fire, full auto, ramping, burst and semi. These modes enhance the speed at which the marker can spray rounds. The modes also aid in preservation of paint.

Empire bt dfendre has a high air efficiency. This feature enables a player to remain out in the field for a long period of time without any worry of the propellant.

The marker is integrated with a hopper. This ensures that one 6V battery pack is sufficient to run the marker and thus eliminating any chance of the system failing. The feature also ensure a clear line of sight for the marker, giving the user an added advantage over those using markers with top-loading hoppers.

Limitations of the marker.

In game play, it’s not advisable to use this marker in a run-and-gun game approach. This is due to the long nature of the gun and its weight at the back end.

When using Empire bt dfender, you are bound to experience a high frequency of jams when the hopper gets low on ammunition.

Due to the high accuracy, speed and reliability, this marker is one of the best in paintball especially when used in the supporting role.

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