Selecting The Best Costa Rica Real Estate Agent


Real estate business in Costa Rica is unregulated by the Costa Rican government. Costa Rica is a country that doesn’t follow the registering and monitoring system of the real estate agents, it is your responsibility to pick the trusted real estate agent. You must make sure whether you work with an expert who has a thorough knowledge of real estate industry, know the market value of Costa Rica and you must do the due diligence before buying the property. Check Sir Costa Rica in Google and pick the official website of the reputed real estate company in Costa Rica

The real estate sector is in boom and thereby there is great demand for real estate agents. In the website, you can find the household survey of the United States of America.

You can ensure whether you work with a professional agent by an informal interview. The below questions can help you learn better about the agents.

You first check with them the years of experience they worked as real estate agent in Costa Rica. It is a diverse country and the person who familiar with one area of Costa Rica say San Jose may not know about the market value, lifestyle about the coastal regions and vice versa.

You need to ask whether the real estate agent lives in the place of your interest and if so how long the agent lived there. You can check whether the agent has a real estate office. It is good to hire an agent who runs a real estate office so that you can meet the agent in the office rather than visiting in the agent’s home or some other place. You should ignore an agent who works as a part-time agent.

There are real estate institutions available in any country and you can check whether the agent you have in mind is a member of any national real estate institutions. It is good to hire an agent who is a member of real estate institutions since the agent knows about the real estate processes in a better way. You can ask whether the agent is a member of Costa Rican Association of realtors.

The professional real estate agents register in these real estate institutions. You can check whether an agent you have in mind invested time, money and effort to belong to a professional real estate institution.

You need to ask whether the agent is received the license to work in the country. It is not good and illegal to work with a lawyer who doesn’t have a license. There are some Costa Rican real estate agents who even registered with international real estate institutions like MAX/Re. Hiring an agent registered in international institutions gives you extra security because such agents normally abide by the rules and regulations set by the international organisations.

You must ensure whether the agent has experience in real estate industry and you should avoid the fresh agents since they are not familiar with the latest processes of the real estate industry. You can check in the online website to find out whether the previous clients have shared positive reviews about the agent you have in mind.

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